ZeroStack’s Pledge to the OpenStack Community

OpenStack continues to gain momentum.  The latest release, Liberty, was built with contributions by nearly 2,000 developers from more than 160 contributing companies.  That is an amazing engagement from an ever-growing community!

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform incorporates many OpenStack modules – Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Keystone, Glance, Heat, etc. — to provide some of the functionality at the core of our private cloud solution.  In true open source spirit, we are excited to give back to the OpenStack community. We feel that the development side is relatively well-staffed at this point.  We perceive software components to operationalize OpenStack will be of greater value to the community. This is where ZeroStack will focus our efforts.  In that light, I would like to take this opportunity to outline our participation roadmap.

  1. We’ve recently joined the ranks as an OpenStack Supporting Organization, and will be a sponsor at OpenStack Summit in Tokyo this week.  At the show, we have two talks where we’ll share our learnings on how to use OpenStack components to address use cases common in Enterprise IT today:
  2. We are big proponents of Go.  The readability is light years better than Java or Scala; we have found that building on each other’s work is so much easier.  In fact, most of the systems we have’ve built are based on Go.  Our experience has been that Python is still prevalent in the OpenStack community but we would like to see more development happen with Go.  So, you’ll see quite a bit of activity from us going forward to bridge the OpenStack and Go communities. As a first step, we have published a Golang-based library for RabbitMQ that’ll ease the burden of parsing OpenStack notifications for event processing.
  3. We plan to be a fixture at the major OpenStack events in 2016.  Expect a steady diet of other interesting sessions and new cool tools to play with.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have a “Texas-sized” announcement in Austin in April!

I would welcome thoughtful discussion on this and any other relevant topic.  Stop by Booth T43 at OpenStack Summit Tokyo or reach out via  Looking forward to it!

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