ZeroStack Gives MSPs a Service and Profit Engine with New Click-and-Go Service Templates

Throws Down Gauntlet to VMware Cloud Resellers

Mountain View, CA – October 3, 2018 – ZeroStack, creators of a self-driving cloud that lets users focus on their businesses, today announced new, rapidly-deployed service templates in an aggressive new promotion of its cloud service engine as a full-featured yet significantly less expensive alternative to VMware. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Resellers that leverage ZeroStack’s Self-Driving Cloud Platform and new service templates can quickly deliver customized, on-demand services to their customers to realize improved margins with a lower-priced solution than a comparable VMware configuration.

A major update to ZeroStack’s Cloud Innovation Partner program, this new promotion is designed to give partners a powerful alternative to spending months integrating and deploying cloud solutions like vCloud or vRealize. The ZeroStack Self-Driving Cloud Platform enables partners to deliver high-demand services with click-and-go simplicity through the service templates available in the ZeroStack AppStore.

“Many cloud platform providers talk a good game about enabling MSPs to deliver cloud-native services, but ZeroStack delivers,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK research. “These click-and-go service templates in the Cloud Innovation Partner program really raise the bar.”

ZeroStack is initially rolling out four service templates:

  • GPU as-a-service, which gives customers powerful features to automatically detect GPUs and make them available in the ZeroStack environment. In order to maximize utilization of this powerful resource, cloud admins can configure, scale, and allow fine-grained access control of GPU resources to end users.
  • AI as-a-service, which automates access to applications such as batch processing, distributed analytics, multi-player gaming, video encoding, IoT development, edge computing, and blockchain development. Cloud admins leverage a flexible and open cloud platform that is independent of underlying hardware.
  • Big Data-as-a-service, which gives customers powerful features to automate deployment, integration, and operations of a variety of popular and modern Big Data tools such as Cloudera, providing self-service options to data scientists and developers while allowing the cloud administrator to maintain control via quota management and fine-grained access control.
  • DevOps as-a-service, which allows DevOps organizations to provide and manage customized, self-service workspaces for individual developers, significantly improving productivity and accelerating the development pipeline by giving them their favorite tools in an easy-to-use environment such as OpenShift and Jenkins.

The ZeroStack cloud platform can be deployed in less than 30 minutes and does not require in-house cloud expertise to operate, so it also slashes overhead and significantly expands the reseller target market. The new service templates bring this level of simplicity to service rollouts for MSPs.

“Since we rolled out our Cloud Innovation Partner Program in January, savvy MSPs have been using our Self-Driving Cloud Platform to rapidly roll out compelling, high-margin services their customers love,” said Steve Garrison, vp of marketing and business development at ZeroStack. “Our platform is the fastest, most cost-effective path to delivering those services, and compared with VMware, we cut cloud deployment and operational costs by up to 90 percent, which significantly improves partner margins and customer satisfaction.”

Helpful Links:

  • Review more information on ZerosStack’s Service Templates here
  • For ZeroStack authorized resellers who would like more information, please register here

About ZeroStack:
ZeroStack’s Self-Driving Cloud platform automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations, enabling enterprises and MSPs to focus on services that accelerate their businesses. With ZeroStack, enterprises and MSPs simplify operations, reduce costs, and accelerate IT by 10X over virtualized solutions while maintaining full IT control. ZeroStack enables multitenant, multi-cloud, and containerized environments with a future-ready architecture. Founded by senior engineers from VMware, the company is funded by Formation 8 and Foundation Capital, and is based in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ZeroStackInc.


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