ZeroStack CEO David Greene explains the challenges with legacy private cloud solutions and how ZeroStack’s next-generation private cloud solves them.

Datacenter technology is becoming so complex that for many enterprises, infrastructure may become impossible to manage with a traditional IT model.

Public cloud usage has soared as users seek immediate access to compute resources, but enterprise IT departments worry about losing control over costs, while MSPs wonder how they will compete.

Private cloud is the answer to both challenges, but most private cloud solutions require heavy investments in time and resources. Ideally, the cloud must be easy to deploy, operate and manage in order to avoid high costs.

ZeroStack delivers a public cloud experience with private cloud control through software that automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations. Enterprises and MSPs simplify operations, eliminate operational silos, reduce costs by up to 90 percent, and accelerate IT by 10X over virtualized solutions while maintaining IT control. ZeroStack enables multitenant, multi-cloud, and containerized environments with a future-ready architecture.

How We Do It

ZeroStack leverages AI and machine learning techniques to automate provisioning, operations, management, upgrades, and error control. Our software can be deployed in less than 30 minutes. The integrated AppStore offers more than 40 popular DevOps and data management blueprints for point-and-click provisioning. In addition, web management delivers automatic upgrades, provides self-healing capabilities, and offers intelligent resource planning.

The result is a private cloud that gives IT full control over costs, billing, and chargeback while providing self-provisioning for users. Enterprises reduce costs, streamline IT operations, and increase business and software development agility. MSPs get immediate deployment of a full-featured cloud that doesn’t require huge investments in cloud expertise.