Self-Driving Private Cloud

Modernize your cloud infrastructure investment and application environment with ZeroStack's complete turnkey private cloud solution. Our service looks and feels like public cloud, with the performance, ease of use, and control of on-site cloud architecture.

Traditional Private Cloud Architecture

Enterprises face many challenges when building their own cloud:

  • A network of moving parts
  • Complex integration that requires dozens of software and hardware components
  • IT admins that are busy just keeping the lights on and making decisions with limited data
  • Frustrated developers looking for faster, self-service provisioning
  • High levels of operational cost

ZeroStack's Self-Driving Cloud Architecture

ZeroStack provides a SaaS platform to deploy, manage and operate a cloud using validated on-premises software, servers and storage.

Get an on-premises cloud with the same features of a public cloud:

  • Convert bare-metal servers to private clouds within 20 minutes using ZeroStack’s cloud operating system (Z-COS).
  • Reduce operational costs by 90 percent using self-healing architecture and ZeroStack’s Z-Brain cloud-based monitoring and learning software.
  • Make data-driven decisions for your data infrastructure and software applications.
  • Provide self-service to developers and lower your development cost and time by 60 percent.

The Lowest Cost VM/Hour

Lowest TCO through 90% lower OpEx, a single license and use of standard servers

Public Cloud


  • HW $0
  • SW $0
  • Operating Cost $.138



  • HW $.007
  • SW $.059
  • Operating Cost $.034



  • HW $.028
  • SW $.023
  • Operating Cost $.034



  • HW $.007
  • SW $.039
  • Operating Cost $.003