Modernize your infrastructure investment and application environment with ZeroStack's complete turnkey private cloud solution that looks and feels like public cloud. Get control and performance of a on-premises cloud with the ease of use and lack of operations of a public cloud.

Traditional Private Cloud Architecture

Enterprises face many challenges in building their own cloud

  • Lots of moving parts
  • Complex integration needed for dozens of software and hardware components
  • IT admins are busy just keeping the lights on and making decisions with limited data
  • Frustrated developers looking for faster, self-service provisioning
  • And overall, operational costs are too high

Cloud Managed Datacenter

ZeroStack provides a SaaS platform to deploy, manage and operate a cloud using validated on-premises software, servers and storage.

Get an on-premises cloud that you consume just like a public cloud

  • Convert bare-metal servers to cloud within 20 minutes using ZeroStack’s cloud operating system (Z-COS)
  • Reduce operational costs by 90% using self-healing architecture and ZeroStack’s Z-Brain cloud-based monitoring & learning software
  • Make data-driven decisions for your infrastructure and applications
  • Provide self-service to developers and lower your development cost and time by 60%

The Lowest Cost VM/Hour

Lowest TCO through 90% lower OpEx, a single license and use of standard servers

Public Cloud


  • HW $0
  • SW $0
  • Operating Cost $.138



  • HW $.007
  • SW $.059
  • Operating Cost $.034



  • HW $.028
  • SW $.023
  • Operating Cost $.034



  • HW $.007
  • SW $.039
  • Operating Cost $.003


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Self-Driving On-Premises
Hybrid Cloud

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