Private Cloud Workload Hyper-Availability with Enterprise-Level Backup and Recovery

IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs) continue to struggle with managing and controlling costs leveraging the public cloud.

ZeroStack delivers a public cloud experience, but with private cloud control, and software that automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations. Enterprises and MSPs can simplify and eliminate operational silos, reduce costs up to 90 percent, and accelerate IT by 10x over virtualized solutions. Create a multitenant, multi-cloud, and containerized environment that is future-ready today with ZeroStack.

Veeam and ZeroStack eliminate the complexity ad costs that most often hinder IT and MSPs’ efforts to meet the growing service level demands required by today’s always-on businesses. Users can quickly and easily deploy and manage Veeam backup and recovery services for Microsoft Windows and Linux ZeroStack instances. This reduces the time and manual processes normally associated with disaster recovery.

ZeroStack partners with Veeam® to provide hyper-availability for workloads running on ZeroStack’s private cloud with proven backup, replication, and disaster recovery for multitenant and multi-cloud environments.

Veeam Agents run inside the ZeroStack guest VMs and do not need access to cloud or hypervisor infrastructure components. Once these agent are installed, backup and recovery operations are performed from the Veeam Availability Console. Veeam Agents support multi-cloud backup and restore, enabling customers to back up to the public cloud and locally.


ZeroStack’s software automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations. Enterprises and MSPs gain simplification of operations, reduce costs, and accelerate IT by 10X over virtualized solutions while maintaining IT control. ZeroStack enables multitenant, multi-cloud, and containerized environments with a future-ready architecture.