Discover self-driving private cloud with an on-premises cloud solution managed by intelligent software and cloud-based monitoring and operations.

Private Cloud Challenges

VMware vSphere has been a mainstay for datacenter virtualization for a long time. However, vSphere is not designed for self-service private clouds, hybrid clouds, or API-driven cloud native applications. As a result, migration from virtualized IT to a cloud can be painful expensive. Multiple products need to be put together to construct a private cloud solution on top of VMware or Hyper-V-based Virtualization. This not only adds a significant cost burden, it is out of reach for many understaffed IT organizations. IT is being asked to do more with less and keep up with the pace of technology changes, while struggling to keep the lights on.

Why ZeroStack's Cloud Managed Solution

Zerostack is an integrated solution, with a portfolio of servers, storage and a SaaS-based management portal designed to operate together. The on-premises cloud is deployed using a hyper-converged, scale out architecture using a set of validated servers and storage devices. Once the devices are plugged-in, users can build, manage and consume the cloud using a SaaS portal. The cloud-management solution is ideal for organizations with limited IT staff and budgetary constraints, who want to move to a private cloud quickly.

IT can create tenants for lines of businesses and give them SaaS-based self-service access to resources users need while enforcing quota restrictions. ZeroStack has enterprise-class features like AD/LDAP integration, VM HA, data protection, events and alarms. You can connect to your existing VMware deployment and seamlessly migrate workloads from ESX to KVM.


  • Fully integrated turnkey solution
  • Significantly reduced IT burden to manage or operate the cloud
  • Single License from hardware to App Store
  • Built-in monitoring and operations software delivered via SaaS
  • Deliver high feature agility like public clouds leveraging a SaaS portal
  • No need for manual software installs, patches or upgrades


  • Easily map tenants to your organizational structure
  • AD/LDAP integration for security and RBAC
  • 1-click migration of VMs from vSphere to ZeroStack Cloud Platform
  • Built in approval workflow for project creation
  • View resource usage by project and business units
  • Enterprise-class features such as backup, VM HA, remote replication and DR (DR releases in Q4, contact us for details)
  • Open API-driven cloud service to build cloud native apps with ease


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