Discover self-driving private cloud with an on-premises cloud solution managed by intelligent software and cloud-based monitoring and operations.

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Hybrid Cloud Challenges

Most companies struggle to manage their costs and performance on a public cloud once their usage crosses a threshold. It is especially true for static long running workloads like test & dev, big data analytics and multi-tier web applications. It is hard to control noisy neighbors and troubleshoot performance problems due to lack of visibility for infrastructure-level stats. Lack of control on placement for workloads does not allow optimizations for better performance. Most cloud management platforms (CMPs) help with deployment but do not provide active migration across AWS and on-premises cloud.

Why ZeroStack's Cloud Managed Solution

ZeroStack seamlessly integrates with AWS, enabling users to deploy workloads on both AWS and their on-premises cloud. Users can also migrate workloads and applications between the two with only a few clicks. If your are using AWS today, you can deploy ZeroStack and migrate some of the workloads on-premises to control costs, and higher performance. If you are using VMware today and want to explore AWS for certain workloads, ZeroStack can provide seamless migration from ESX to KVM and AWS.

ZeroStack’s Cloud Platform provides the most controlled and risk-free path to a hybrid cloud strategy with open APIs. The analytics from ZeroStack Self-Service SaaS Portal can help you determine the best placement of workloads to save cost and get highest performance.


  • Predictable performance and cost
  • Lower your AWS bill for long-running workloads
  • Control your application deployment using placement policies
  • Complete visibility of infrastructure-level stats for ease of troubleshooting performance problems


  • View your AWS workloads within the ZeroStack Self-Service SaaS Portal
  • Two-way migration of workloads between AWS and ZeroStack
  • Create projects (equivalent to VPCs) in ZeroStack
  • Cloud management of your datacenter with self-healing architecture minimizes OpEx
  • Private cloud with similar services and constructs found in AWS
  • Transparent cost model for both on-premises and AWS
  • Test and stage on ZeroStack and move to production on AWS (or vice versa)


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