Dev/Test Sandbox Clouds

Quickly provision complex networked multitier development and testing environments that speed application delivery timelines.

Improve collaboration between Dev
and Test
  • Improve collaboration between Dev and Test teams. Provide full clones of test environments to developers for faster bug fix investigation and resolution.
  • Share environments across teams for better communication and demonstration of features and issues
Accelerate software release cycle
  • Accelerate development by creating as many sandboxes as needed on demand. Give every test and development engineer their own lab!
  • Easy self-service provisioning of isolated development and test environments using the Z-Brain self-service web portal:
  • 1-click deployment via the Z-AppStore application marketplace of multi-tier applications and share blueprints across teams
Reduce lock-in to proprietary stacks
  • Migrate from VMWare environment with the built-in automated migration tool: Test new or upgrades to applications without adding new VMware licenses
  • Migrate to and from AWS with built-in automated migration tool: Enable your developers and testers to scale-test their applications in larger cloud environments on AWS. Increase agility with a hybrid Dev/Test model.

Accelerate software release cycles with cloud-based Dev/Test sandboxes

Developers and testers often cannot get their hands on environments in a timely manner to accelerate delivery of software applications to their customers. They have to deal with lack of timely support from IT and long waits for hardware resources and for provisioning and configuring the environments.

developer sandbox clouds for testing and quality assurance

ZeroStack’s Dev/Test cloud sandboxes provide your developers and testers with a self-service shared cloud environment. Using built-in capabilities for creating and deploying templates, blueprints, and snapshots, they can quickly spin up complex multi-tier applications complete with complex network topologies to develop and test new features, to freeze bugs, to take snapshots of applications and databases and run multiple tests in parallel on replicated infrastructures.

Zerostack’s hyper-converged cloud solution provides a single shared platform that can run multiple development and testing environments with predictable scaling and high performance. The solution consists of virtualization, software defined storage, software defined networking and in-built monitoring with self-healing capabilities. IT simply needs to install a few servers running ZeroStack’s cloud operating system or deploy ZeroStack pre-packaged appliance. Once that is done, the environment can be consumed via a consumer grade web-based UI or API. The cloud platform has built-in monitoring and dashboards for capacity planning, usage metering and performance isolation. There is no need to install any software or do manual upgrades.

ZeroStack Advantages for IT teams setting up the infrastructure needed for Dev/Test clouds

Flexibility of on-premises
or hosted environments

ZeroStack provides options for IT teams to use existing data center space or use a hosted environment at one of our colocation partners.

Flexibility to choose existing hardware
or use ZeroStack appliance

Customers can choose their existing servers or buy a turnkey appliance solution including hardware with flexible payment options (buy or lease).

No ‘Day 0’ set up,
ready to go

ZeroStack builds the full private cloud environments including hardware deployment, automated software installs and configuration, all done in the same day, ready for use!

Hands-free operations

ZeroStack takes care of monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrading,  routine maintenance and operations of the cloud infrastructure using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and big data analytics.

Self-healing infrastructure

ZeroStack’s management software stack and its components monitor themselves constantly to stay healthy in the face of failures. Failures are detected automatically within seconds and the service health is restored without any human intervention.


Cloud Requirements for
DevOps Sandboxes

Dev/Test Sandbox Clouds