DevOps Automation

ZeroStack helps you streamline development, deployment, and management of your applications and infrastructure. Speed and efficiency empowers your DevOps teams to innovate faster.

  • CI/CD & DevOps Tools
Enhanced Developer Productivity
  • Instant self-service access to developer tools, common applications, and services.
Accelerate Time to Value
  • Remove bottlenecks and rapidly deliver new functionality using ZeroStack’s complete CI/CD tooling
Better Economics!
  • Reduce TCO by 60-80% using shared infrastructure and eliminating silos between developers, testers, and operations teams.

DevOps Automation

Are your development and operations teams working in silos?

This leads to lack of effective collaboration between development and operations teams. Developers build the applications in their own siloed environment using their own tools and configurations while operators  deploy these applications and manage these applications in their own siloed environment. The teams often do not have any shared, standardized, and automated tooling or consistent configuration policies. This in turn effects both delivery times as well quality of software delivered.

DevOps automation cloud environment

Why ZeroStack?

As organizations today are embark on their DevOps journey breaking the barriers that exist between Development and Operations teams, ZeroStack provides key tools to improve the application development and delivery process.

ZeroStack provides software development teams an easy way to consume on demand cloud resources that helps them increase their development throughput and shorten product delivery. Our ZApp store facilitates the easy construction of an effective DevOps toolchain.

Additionally, ZeroStack empowers operations teams by providing an AI-powered operational SaaS engine that makes managing and operating a complex environment an easy task with very few dedicated resources.

You can develop, deploy and deliver your applications on ZeroStack cloud or in your hybrid environment within minutes and in just a few clicks. ZeroStack helps you automate all your software delivery and infrastructure needs eliminating silos between development and operations teams.

What tooling does ZeroStack provide for DevOps?

Developer tooling
Elastic CI/CD Pipelines Streamline your delivery pipeline and remove all bottlenecks to achieve continuous integration and delivery with ZeroStack's complete CI/CD tooling. Build and automate your DevOps tool chain with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, GitLab and more.
Deployment Automation ZeroStack helps you eliminate all heavy lifting for deployment of your applications with our one-click application deployment templates. You can now deploy your CI/CD tools, big data applications, SQL and NO SQL databases, application servers all with a single click on your private cloud.
Self Service and Consumption ZeroStack provides an abundant feature set for your development teams for self service and consumption to help unlock full business value for your cloud computing environment.
Operational tooling
Self Driving IT You can build your own cloud with no experts needed in less than 20 mins. Along with automated cloud configuration and deployment , the ZeroStack Cloud abstracts all operational complexity making it easy to maintain and reconfigure environments if needed.
Partner Ecosystem ZeroStack provides you with a rich set of storage and networking partners. You can leverage your existing networking and storage solutions with ZeroStack to have the best in class and flexible cloud infrastructure.
External Cloud Integration ZeroStack supports bidirectional workload migration with AWS and VMware giving you the flexibility to avoid workload lock ins and keep your costs lows. You can move your workloads between multiple vendors and the ZeroStack Cloud with no operational complexity


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DevOps Automation