Focus on analytics and insights -- not infrastructure management

As Big Data projects scale from Terabyte to Petabyte volumes, you need to get your data as close to your compute as possible in order to maintain performance and faster results from your Big Data analytics projects. Traditional silos between compute, storage, and network further slows down agility of your Big Data initiatives.

ZeroStack offers a hyper-converged solution that bring together compute, storage,and networking while allowing you to independently scale compute and storage using local SSD and HDD pools with specific placement policies for reducing data I/O latency and faster data processing and analytics times.

Big Data tools running in minutes - without the complexity!

Modern big data use cases need a whole series of tools–ranging from Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop, Spark, Splunk to noSQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB–to be deployed, networked, and working together to generate valuable insights.

ZeroStack drastically simplifies the IT burden when it comes to provisioning the underlying infrastructure resources, and end users can simply deploy the tools they want and need with a single click and have the ability to use APIs to automate their deployment, provisioning, and configuration challenges.

ZeroStack is a unifying platform that deploy multiple Big Data tools and platforms from a curated “application and big data catalog.”

One shared platform for your diverse data science teams

Companies have diverse Big Data teams, production and R&D portfolios, and sometimes conflicting requirements for performance, data locality, cost, or specialized hardware resources. Deploying and managing the complexity of such multiple diverse clusters will place a high operational overhead on IT team, reducing their ability to respond quickly to Big Data user requests, and making it difficult to manage costs and maintain operational efficiency.

ZeroStack can run on many diverse servers CPU, GPU, SSD, and storage architectures optimized for different Big Data workloads. ZeroStack provides a web-based remote operational capability which allows administrators to manage all of these big data clusters located in multiple sites from any place from any device using their favorite web browser. Using this portal, operators can perform a myriad of operational tasks like monitoring, analytics, upgrades, patching, capacity planning, and resource management. ZeroStack delivers innovative new operational and management features every 4 weeks which are instantly available to administrators without any time consuming on-premise upgrades.

Download Low-level Architecture Document

Big Data pain points and best practices: get the white paper

There are many pain points that companies experience when they try to deploy and run Big Data applications in their complex environments and/or use cloud platforms both public or private, and there are also some best practices companies can use to address those pain points. In this whitepaper, we describe eight key deployment and operational headaches related to Big Data applications and will suggest remedies.

The white paper includes:

  • Distance between data and compute resources
  • Distributed data scientist teams
  • Bare metal environment silos
  • Data tool proliferation
  • Multiple diverse clusters
  • Operations costs
  • Policy-driven security and customization requirements
  • DR requirements