Modernize your Infrastructure and

Eliminate silos, streamline processes, and lower costs with modernized infrastructure and applications. All of this is built into the ZeroStack cloud platform.

  • Application And Server Stacks
Converged Cloud
  • Single platform for running multiple enterprise applications with high performance and predictable scaling
  • Pay as you grow, subscription-based pricing
  • Single license
Accelerate Time to Value
  • Make VMs highly available using integrated monitoring and protect with VM-centric backups
  • Automated migrations from other hypervisors (ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, XenServer)
  • No Disruptive downtime with state-machine driven upgrades
Better Economics!
  • Independently scale compute and storage with 85% less space, 50% lower CapEx and 90% lower OpEx
  • Reduce TCO by 60-80% by eliminating IT silos, over-provisioning and cut operational complexity by 90%

Modernize Your Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications

Is your IT running infrastructure silos for different applications?

This leads to resource management problems like server and storage sprawl, lower utilization of resources and lack of sharing across applications.

app modernization cloud computing platform

Running traditional virtualized infrastructure with different components like servers, storage, networking and virtualization stack needs a lot of expertise to operate the environment. Infrastructure teams have to stitch together all hardware and software components along with monitoring and operations tools. Managing and operating such an environment is time consuming and require IT to deal with lot of mundane and error prone tasks. Over time it leads to high complexity, multiple silos and high cost. The problem gets worse with the explosion of virtual workloads running databases, network services, custom bespoke application stacks, identity and access management.

ZeroStack’s hyper-converged cloud solution provides a single platform to run all your enterprise applications with predictable scaling and high performance. The solution consists of virtualization, software defined storage with flash and hard disk based pools, software defined networking with micro-segmentation and in-built monitoring with self-healing capabilities. IT simply needs to install a few servers running ZeroStack’s cloud operating system or deploy ZeroStack pre-packaged appliance. Once installed, all these servers form a single pool of compute, storage and network resources that can be allocated to different applications. This infrastructure can be consumed via a consumer grade web-based UI or API. There is no need to install any virtualization software, management software or do manual upgrades.

Infrastructure and project-level capacity planner. Instant insights resource consumption within the quota.

In addition, the solution provides seamless and risk-free migration from other hypervisors eliminating high license fees for them. The infrastructure also integrates with your existing storage investments and can leverage them as a separate storage pool, if needed.

VMs can be monitored by the platform to provide high availability. Data protection at VM or virtual disk level is provided using snapshots and integrated backup.

The web based UI driven by Z-Brain (a cloud platform with big-data analytics and machine learning) has built-in monitoring and dashboards for capacity planning, usage metering and performance isolation. IT teams do not need to separately install any monitoring clusters or capacity planning tools. Cloud based monitoring and analytics provides insights related to VM sizing, capacity planning, performance troubleshooting and resource management.

Key Benefits

Infrastructure consolidation

Eliminate under-utilized application silos and consolidate your applications on a single platform, using up to 85% less space, 50% lower CapEx and 90% lower Opex. No need to install local monitoring and operations cluster, saving time and money.

No Infrastructure Over-provisioning

Scale your infrastructure to meet application performance and data growth. No more fork-lift upgrades.

No ‘Day 0’ set up,
ready to go

ZeroStack builds the full private cloud environments including hardware deployment, automated software installs and configuration, all done in the same day, ready for use!

High applications availability

Make applications highly available using built-in monitoring and VM restart capabilities. Use VM level snapshots and backup for granular data protection.

AI driven insights

Get insights to improve efficiency and performance based on actual application stats and machine learning. Optimize your capacity using long term analytics.

Eliminate operational complexity

With cloud-based monitoring and analytics in Z-Brain, you do not need any local infrastructure monitoring solution. IT teams do not need any certificates or expertise to operate infrastructure. Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 60% while cutting operational complexity by 90%.


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