IT as a Service

Self-driving private cloud. An on-premises cloud managed by intelligent software and cloud-based monitoring & operations.

Self-Service Cloud

Businesses are moving to a cloud-first IT model to remain competitive. Given that small companies have access to both private and public clouds, many large businesses are at risk of getting left behind if they don’t change their legacy ticketing-based IT service model. Businesses need an agile, dynamic, and responsive IT organization. Any delay in addressing the demands of your users impedes their productivity and curbs business innovation.

Technology Need

Users want a public-cloud experience while IT wants security, control and predictable cost. Many businesses still work with ticketing systems to provision workloads that can take days to weeks for new application deployment. In many cases, the delays are due to rigid networking and storage provisioning requirements. Moving to a new model with existing solutions requires a team of in-house experts to integrate several hardware and software components to build a cloud. Once a cloud is available, IT and developers need a way to migrate, provision and manage their workloads.

Why ZeroStack’s Cloud Managed Solution

ZeroStack offers a cloud-managed datacenter solution, where ZeroStack software can create a cloud using a set of servers and storage, which can be consumed in a self-service manner via a SaaS portal. The cloud management of datacenter infrastructure drastically reduces the cost and complexity of creating, managing and consuming a cloud.

Using our solution, CIOs and IT managers can offer their users an on demand truly self-service environment similar to public clouds. In fact, IT users will not see any difference between ZeroStack and popular public clouds as the consumption layer is delivered as a SaaS platform hosted by ZeroStack. Developers can leverage ZeroStack’s built-in app store to tap into a rich library of popular VM images and application templates to launch applications instantly.

The solution is best suited for companies with limited IT staff or budgetary constraints. With ZeroStack, you can finally stop worrying about how to build and manage a cloud. Delight your developers and instantly derive business value from your own private cloud.


  • Move from ticketing systems to self-service IT
  • IT can control usage and do centralized administration
  • Open API with rich DevOps tool integrations for developers
  • Eliminate operational overhead with ZeroStack Cloud Management


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