Cloud Native Applications

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Open APIs for Cloud Native Applications

Businesses do not want to keep investing into complex and expensive infrastructure to deploy their applications. Today, cloud is becoming the defacto platform to deploy and scale applications. Businesses are writing new applications to run on a cloud platform and handle software and hardware failures in the application layer. The apps can be deployed on infrastructure that may not offer the same SLA as legacy systems. This further reduces the cost of running the application.

Technology Need

Cloud Native applications need an API driven infrastructure enabling orchestration of resources. This includes (but is not limited to) APIs for creating VMs, block storage, networks, firewalls, load balancers and object storage. In addition, IT and developers need to monitor the health of infrastructure and applications. This also includes the need to scale resources based on application load.

To prevent vendor lock-in the APIs need to be open and driven by community. The automation layer based on an open API can be used on any vendor’s product that conforms to that API.

Why ZeroStack’s Cloud Managed Solution

ZeroStack offers a cloud-managed datacenter solution, where our software can create a cloud using a set of servers and storage, which can be consumed in a self-service manner via a SaaS portal. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform exposes a 100% pure RESTful OpenStack API, enabling users to easily deploy and manage cloud native applications. There is a strong ecosystem of DevOps tools and libraries such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt Stack, Terraform, Vagrant which support the API. Users can also use the rich REST API to develop automation in any language of their choice.

ZeroStack offers a highly available control plane which means that the API layer is always available. Our cloud provides a rich set of APIs and services for cloud native applications. Some of these include Compute, Block Storage, Object Storage, Networking and Security, Identity and Access Control, DNSaaS, FWaaS and LBaaS.


  • Fully integrated cloud with compute, storage, networking and security
  • Open API with rich DevOps tool integrations
  • Highly Available API control plane
  • Ease of using orchestration frameworks like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, Kubernetes


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