Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

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Agile Cloud for CI / CD

The modern software delivery model demands automation of the software development life cycle where users develop, build, test, stage, and deploy to production. Businesses adopting this iterative model of application development face the challenge of providing an agile IT infrastructure that can be driven by automation. Legacy IT systems do not support the evolving model of software development. Some traditional systems are closed APIs, forcing a lock-in of all the tools and processes to the specific vendor. To realize the gains from automation of the continuous integration and delivery processes, businesses need flexible infrastructure with an open API.

Technology Needs

Dev and Ops no longer operate in silos. To enable the software development life cycle to operate smoothly, DevOps has to set up infrastructure to automate the process from checkin to production upgrade. Even using CI/CD tools like Jenkins and plugins, DevOps is still required to provision and manage a lot of the underlying infrastructure. The infrastructure services also need to be monitored to handle software and hardware failures. As the complexity of the application grows so does the complexity of the infrastructure and the operations to support it.

Why ZeroStack’s Cloud Managed Solution

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform is an ideal fit for CI/CD. It provides a combination of ticketless self-service and built-in native support for popular tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab and Atlassian Bamboo to speed the development-build-test-deploy lifecycle.

ZeroStack’s platform supports the OpenStack API which lets you use existing Jenkins and other CI/CD frameworks and their plugins. There is a strong eco-system of DevOps tools and libraries such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt Stack, Terraform, Vagrant which support the API. Users can also use the rich REST API to develop automation in any language of their choice.

With ZeroStack, your DevOps team can finally stop worrying about how to build a cloud and start to instantly derive business value from their agile CI/CD infrastructure.


  • Fully integrated cloud with compute, networking and storage
  • Convert your existing bare metal to a CI/CD cloud in minutes
  • Open API with rich DevOps tool integrations
  • Operational overhead eliminated with ZeroStack Cloud Management


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