Improve OpenShift Time to Value with ZeroStack and Red Hat


ZeroStack delivers a business transformation solution that provides a single underlying automated platform to deploy, run, maintain, and update multiple application environments. The ZeroStack platform is easy to deploy and run, provides self-service access to resources, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for self-healing, and significantly reduces operational overhead. As a result, organizations simplify operations, reduce costs, and accelerate time to value while maintaining IT control.

ZeroStack includes an AppStore that simplifies deployment with application blueprints that can be deployed within a few minutes. Customers can extend the AppStore to licensed products like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform by using their own license or licenses provided by other partners. Users can reuse these templates to deploy the same configuration in different sites and remote locations.

“We now have a self- service cloud that requires very little human intervention. ZeroStack requires 10x less time to manage than VMware.”


ZeroStack delivers AI insight to IT operations to optimize sizing, perform predictive capacity planning, and implement seamless failure management. Within ZeroStack, IT operations can easily deploy load balancers, set up domain name systems (DNSs), implement virtual private network (VPN) services, and configure virtual firewalls. Since ZeroStack runs both virtual machines (VMs) and containers on the same platform, persistent data stores, SQL, and Postgres databases can be deployed into VMs and made accessible to containerized applications.

As part of its multisite capabilities, ZeroStack provides remote data replication using external storage solutions between geographically separated sites to protect persistent data and databases. In addition, users can connect multiple sites and private networks within those cloud environments using the built-in VPN services, and provide secure communication to enable failover scenarios at the underlying VM layer.

ZeroStack helps organizations with diverse application teams, application portfolios, and conflicting user requirements by offering logical business units that can be assigned to different application teams. Each application team gets full self-service capability within quota limits imposed by IT operations. They can automatically deploy their own cluster with a few clicks, independently of other teams.


The ZeroStack Intelligent Cloud Platform automates the deployment, organization, and operations of infrastructures for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, delivering the following benefits:

  • Faster time to value. ZeroStack gives users self-service access to resources, including automated application placement, capacity planning, and resource sizing.
  • Easy to use. ZeroStack provides a single view into the underlying server, storage, and networking infrastructure and a single management interface to deploy these components.
  • Lower cost. ZeroStack includes all of the software necessary to manage and implement OpenShift Container Platform. Other offerings require investments in add-on software to provide similar capabilities.
  • Rapid third-party tool deployment. The integrated AppStore streamlines application delivery by enabling the deployment of other DevOps tools with a few clicks.

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