Ready, Set, Cloud!

Today, we are excited to introduce ZeroStack and the ZeroStack Cloud Platform, which will revolutionize how enterprises build and operate their IT infrastructure. We embarked on this journey last year with the vision of bringing the ease of use of public clouds to private clouds. As we exit stealth mode, we are ready to showcase the efforts of the incredible team we have put together to achieve this vision. We are also fortunate to have the support of a stellar team of investors and advisors on this journey.

ZeroStack started with a singular focus – enabling enterprises to transition their IT systems to an agile and self-service model without expending significant time and resources. We realized that achieving this goal would need a fundamentally new approach to how infrastructure is designed, operated and consumed.

Based on conversations with many customers, we observed that existing efficiencies achieved using virtualization were diminishing due to complex processes developers had to go through to deploy their applications. The transition from virtualization to cloud was proving hard for enterprises because of the way these clouds had to be built, operated and consumed. Meanwhile, public clouds were demonstrating that it was possible to enable companies to significantly accelerate their innovation cycles. However, bringing this acceleration to on-premises infrastructure was out of reach for most enterprises. They would need to invest significant personnel to develop a deep understanding of various vendors’ stacks and go through the arduous process of building a private cloud and keeping it running smoothly.

We built ZeroStack to address this situation by developing a new model of deploying and operating private clouds!

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform offers the best of both private and public clouds in a single solution that combines an on-premises deployment with a SaaS platform – allowing customers to consume a self-service cloud without significant in-house expertise or time. The on-premises deployment is a hyper-converged system that integrates compute, storage, networking and management software into a building block – the ZS1000 series. This building block lets companies start small and scale their private cloud seamlessly. The SaaS platform with advanced monitoring and analytics enables enterprise users and admins to easily configure, consume and manage their private cloud.

With today’s launch, we are opening early access to the ZeroStack Solution, and looking forward to working with enterprises to help accelerate innovation in their core business by running their applications using the ZeroStack Cloud Platform.

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