The Time Has Arrived To Raise The Bar For Private Clouds

Today we announced the General Availability of the ZeroStack Cloud Platform. As the founding product manager who shepherded the product from a slide deck to a full-fledged cloud platform, I feel very fortunate to have customers that are already using the platform.

Raising the bar

Our Vision For The ZeroStack Cloud Platform

ZeroStack is designed to be a cloud platform that goes a step beyond the ordinary in every aspect. From a symmetrical, self-healing, on-premises management layer to a consumption layer delivered via SaaS, the goal has been to innovate with a focus on reducing operational headaches for the IT Admin while also enabling single-click deployment of applications for both end users and IT admins.

ZeroStack software handles all of the complexities associated with clouds, so users do not have to deal with it. One never hears of users having to read through manuals to navigate Facebook, Twitter or Google Maps. We believe private clouds should be the same. The ZeroStack Cloud Platform can literally be deployed in minutes. Once deployed, the platform offers a complete private cloud solution. You will not need to install or configure additional software components. This combination of vastly reduced Opex and fewer licenses significantly reduces the TCO.

The Capabilities of the Cloud Platform

In a nutshell, ZeroStack offers the following features:

  • Hyperconverged hardware as the cloud building blocks
  • Software-defined storage with multiple storage pools for different SLA needs
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Self-healing, scale-out, symmetric management control plane
  • Self-Service Portal with support for approval workflows
  • App Store supporting a variety of application templates
  • Capacity Planning and Usage Reporting
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Software-defined patching and upgrades
  • Integration with corporate AD/LDAP
  • Multi-site support
  • 100% Open and RESTful API access to cloud services

Perhaps the most significant aspects of ZeroStack are what it does not offer to its customers:

  • No need to purchase controller nodes or configure HA.
  • No need to spend time monitoring cloud services or adding new service instances to scale your cloud. ZeroStack software handles this for you.
  • No need to spend weeks or months on upgrade planning.
  • No need to be a shadow IT shop. Users consume ZeroStack just like they would consume a public cloud while all of the workloads and data reside locally.
  • No need to spend months setting up self service or application blueprints.
  • No need to ask for features and wait for a year for your vendor to deliver it.

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