ZeroStack Cloud Service Providers

ZeroStack Cloud Service Providers develop and deliver subscription-based cloud offerings and managed services utilizing the ZeroStack Cloud Platform. Cloud providers retain title of ZeroStack technology, and may either deliver services by providing a hosted, managed environment or by managing the customer’s on-premise ZeroStack-based cloud environment.


Cloud Service Providers use ZeroStack to deliver infrastructure as a service in a managed cloud environment – either as a public, private, or hybrid offering.

Generate New Revenue

ZeroStack Cloud Service Providers can scale and build a ZeroStack managed service offering rapidly, without long development and integration cycles, enabling fast access to new revenue streams.

Deploy ZeroStack managed services to customers looking to enable application development and deployment, IT infrastructure optimization, and cloud resource management implementation. And Cloud Service Providers have the flexibility to create public cloud, private cloud or hybrid managed offerings – maximizing your revenue-earning potential to best fit you and your customer’s business models.

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

ZeroStack gives service providers the flexibility to implement on their own hardware – saving partners the cost of adding new hardware when implementing the ZeroStack solution.

Service Providers help customers move to the cloud by offering and scaling cloud services in minutes with ZeroStack’s fully automated and integrated cloud orchestration software.

  • Quickly convert industry standard servers with local drives into a hyper-converged cloud.
  • Get the same operational efficiencies and automation as public clouds.
  • Provide the best of both private and public clouds to customers.

Realize Operational Savings

The ZeroStack Cloud Platform provides powerful features – including a built in app store for quick and easy one-click deployment of a number of applications along with predictive analytics around capacity planning, utilization monitoring, right-sizing of workloads and more.

These features enable our Cloud Service Providers to achieve quick setup, deliver better SLAs, and achieve operational efficiency with ease of management while optimizing resources across all of your customers.

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