Self-Driving Cloud Infrastructure for Increased Business Agility

Streamline Operations, Reduce Costs, and Improve Reliability

ZeroStack’s intelligent cloud platform is web managed to simplify operations and reduce operational overhead and costs. By automating tasks such as resource provisioning, it accelerates the application deployment process significantly while ensuring that IT retains control of sensitive data on premises.

Leveraging features of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, the ZeroStack platform delivers hyperconverged cloud, along with software-defined storage, compute, and network resources. Management and security features include microsegmentation, virtual machine (VM) firewalling, and integrated accounting for showback and billing. IT admins and developers can each use the web browser of their choice to drive the cloud experience. The on-premises, self-healing control software on hyperconverged hardware ensures that all users receive the always-on cloud uptime that they expect, removing any potential bottlenecks in the data flow.

Solutions that Fit Your Application Needs

Intel and ZeroStack are committed to simplifying the path to delivering hybrid cloud services by developing the foundational technology that powers high-performance, energy-efficient, highly available and secure cloud environments. The Intel and ZeroStack solution is available in multiple All-Flash (AF) and Hybrid (HY) system configurations, each designed for specific workloads and use cases. For example, Intel and ZeroStack have identified the following use cases as having great potential for the ZeroStack solution—Advanced Analytics, Big Data, and Databases:


Compute-Heavy Applications:
Removing Bottlenecks to Streamline Advanced Analytics Processing

Mapping infrastructure to software to reduce computational back pressure associated with data- and compute-heavy artificial intelligence (AI) workloads can be a challenge. Intel and ZeroStack have optimized a configuration that addresses back-pressure concerns for compute-heavy applications. This configuration is best matched to applications such as batch processing, distributed analytics, multi-player gaming, video encoding, IoT development, edge computing, and blockchain development.

For consistently high performance from storage volumes, a solid state drive (SSD)-heavy configuration delivers the fastest speed, highest IOPs, lowest latency, and a longer mean time between failures (MTBF) because there are no moving parts.

The flexibility and automation inherent in the ZeroStack cloud running on an Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor allows customers to create their own app-specific, compute-heavy configurations with a high number of vCPUs, memory, and storage. For example, for an intensive, number-crunching application, ZeroStack’s cloud software can create local data pools for high locality. If the data processing includes random IOs and not batch processing, SSD pools can provide very high IO throughput.


Storage-Heavy Applications:
Predictable Performance, Linear, Scaling, and High Availability for Big Data

Big Data applications like Splunk*, NoSQL*, Hadoop*, and others test the performance and scalability limits of traditional infrastructures, requiring good sequential and random performance across large datasets and multiple nodes. Intel and ZeroStack deliver performance equivalent to bare metal deployments while significantly simplifying infrastructure management from virtualized big data installations.

For data processing and data mining applications, when access speed is not the key requirement, hard disk drives (HDDs) provide the most cost-effective storage. Adding SSDs, as needed, to improve IOPs and reduce seek times can compensate for any reduction in speed. Intel® OptaneTM SSDs, which combine breakthrough storage technology and radical innovation in memory, offer exceptional performance acceleration and responsiveness.


Memory-Heavy Applications:
Eliminating Underused Database Silos

In memory-intensive applications such as Spark* or NoSQL, the ZeroStack/Intel platform enables distributed web-scale stores that provide in-memory caching for key value types (Memcache and Redis). Hyperconverged solutions from ZeroStack and Intel bring the predictable performance, scalability, and cost benefits of web-scale IT to transactional and analytical database environments for unstructured data. Customizable server configurations allow customers to limit capacity and increase VM performance, as needed.

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