I Got On The Cloud Bus, Fell Off, And Then Got Back On Again


It’s all about the journey… so they say. And on that journey you have to choose which bus to take and which people you’d like on that bus with you. Some time ago, I chose to get on the open-source software defined data center bus. It was a bus racing along the hype superhighway, with a steep learning curve and an exhilarating amount of excitement to help push me up that curve.

P.C. OpenStack community

That enthusiasm was deeply based in the sheer vastness of possibilities that ‘software-defined everything’ enabled, although that enthusiasm was curbed by the immense complexity and difficulty that faced IT architects, deployers, DevOps users and even the managed service providers. Complicated planning and configuration were paired with plenty of frustration. In the efforts to gain a more thorough understanding of the open-source cloud computing landscape, I explored solutions offered by several organizations. Enter ZeroStack.

When I first learned about ZeroStack, its focus was on a turnkey offering that promised a better user experience. I was skeptical, to say the least. I’ve had plenty of years of experience attempting to peddle complex so-called ‘turnkey’ systems, ranging from SAN data encryption to an HPC Lustre rack-level distributed file system and storage appliance. It wasn’t until I actually got some hands-on experience with ZeroStack’s latest software-based deployment model that I was truly wowed.

The abstraction layer provided between the user and their ‘transmission’ (as in car or bus transmission) layer makes the solution nearly unrecognizable as a complex system and frankly, that was my enlightened moment. Do users really care what is under the hood? AWS taught us one thing: the user experience is what drives adoption, not the ‘gearhead’ discussions about what is hidden below the leather seats, fancy dashboards and cool paint. What I vigorously believe is that this idea of packaging delivers the promises of solution enablement cloud computing so boisterously advertises in such a way that users can actually consume those promises with intuitive, frustration-free methods and means.

The power of distributed software-defined data center solutions delivered as an accessible, easily deployed and managed product wooed me. To see it really work, you need to do a test drive, just as I did, and that driving experience will illustrate the power of packaging a complex stack.

ZeroStack has made a believer out of me. I now have chosen to join this family to journey with on the cloud bus. To quote Peter Pan (and later by Capt. Kirk), “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” The future of private cloud computing is now…the future is ZeroStack.

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