Datacenter technology is becoming so complex that for many enterprises, infrastructure may become impossible to manage with a traditional IT model.

Soon, data center operations will use artificial intelligence (AI) so advanced that it can anticipate issues, decide the right course of action and deliver changes faster and more accurately than any human, or group of humans, possibly could.

The majority of companies will still need to keep some datacenter infrastructure on-site, but it will be costly and inefficient to buy and maintain the highly complex AI software to operate it. Instead, on-site management will be performed through cloud-based AI services, effectively eliminating the integration, operations and management overhead needed to run the infrastructure. Companies will consume their on-site infrastructure through a web portal—similarly to how they interact with AWS and Azure today.

Pioneering the cloud-managed datacenter

Today, customers already benefit from the use of cloud-managed infrastructure with vendors such as Cisco/Meraki, AeroHive, Nimble Storage and others, and this trend continues to gain momentum.

ZeroStack is at the forefront of these shifts in how datacenters are run. We provide a turnkey, on-premises cloud that is maintained by our AI software and managed through a web portal that gives our customers real-time system information.

Customers deploy ZeroStack for a variety of reasons: to reduce complexity, increase agility, and in many cases to control OpEx. Whatever their motivation, they all agree that the future of the datacenter will arrive sooner rather than later.