Building a Scalable and Resilient Zero Touch Private Cloud

Organizations are embracing the cloud infrastructure model at an accelerating pace. Achieving this goal requires a massive effort from IT organizations already hard pressed to support the enterprise. When we started ZeroStack, our goal was to build a platform that uses software to achieve the economies of scale for managing infrastructure that public cloud providers typically possess.

We are proud to announce the General Availability of the ZeroStack Cloud Platform, the industry’s first zero touch private cloud. The solution is built using cutting edge technologies in distributed systems, big data processing and user interface design to eliminate the many operational complexities associated with building, managing, monitoring and scaling private clouds.

The intelligent software behind the ZeroStack Cloud Platform handles the deployment, operation, monitoring and scaling of cloud services. Customers manage and consume the cloud but do not have to understand the software services which are involved. The ZeroStack Control Plane is built as a symmetric self-healing layer that is split into on-premises software and the ZeroStack Cloud Portal.  We have developed the highly available and self-healing design using fundamental distributed systems principles such as Paxos/RAFT consensus algorithms and leader election. The software monitors all aspects of the cloud with periodic health checks and performs dynamic rebalancing of services based on observed state of the cloud.

ZeroStack Cloud Platform


The cloud building blocks communicate with the ZeroStack Cloud Portal which provides the interface for customers to manage and operate the cloud. The SaaS portal provides operations, analytics and planning features.  We built a system from the ground up for efficient monitoring, collecting, processing and transmitting of stats, metrics and alerts from the ZeroStack Cloud Building Blocks to the ZeroStack Cloud Portal. We have built a big data platform that processes the data in real-time and in batch mode to deliver insightful and actionable analytics to the customer. The same high availability attributes that are the cornerstone of our technology running the private cloud are also used for building a scalable and resilient SaaS backend.

One of the critical pieces of technology is the ZeroStack user interface (UI) that we have built using the latest technologies and interaction paradigms to make it easy for users to manage and consume their private clouds. We have brought to bear significantly enhanced workflows to make enterprise platforms as easy to use as the latest consumer platforms.

We built ZeroStack private cloud using open APIs based on Openstack which enables an enterprise to leverage additional tooling and accelerate their adoption of API-driven consumption of the private cloud without having any concerns about vendor lock-in.

A significant portion of our technology is built using golang and we have started to open source components that we have built on github. We also built a sophisticated golang-based test automation framework which includes Chaos Monkey style testing of the distributed systems that run on the cloud building block and on the SaaS platform. We simulate many interesting scenarios which test the boundaries of the CAP theorem in distributed systems.

I am grateful to be working with a great team at ZeroStack with significant expertise and passion in building great technology together. If you are interested in joining the awesome  ZeroStack team, you can reach us at

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