Rather than “death to software,” death to complexity through software!

These days we expect content and services anywhere at anytime on any device, and therefore IT organizations need to deliver them — emails, video, texts, tweets, music, games… all to your devices — smartphone, tablet, car, now refrigerators, shoot, and once in awhile even to your good old PC or laptop. We want choice basedRead More

What is your Cloud Strategy?

You are a CIO, a VP of Operations, or an IT manager. You could also be an Infrastructure Architect. You have been purchasing or using VMware products since it emerged in the early 2000s. You have lived and thrived through GSX, ESX, ESXi and beyond. You may also be the rarer breed that decided toRead More

How to Supercharge Your Application Deployment Model on Your Private Cloud

As an enterprise, deploying and maintaining your own cloud platform is not how you win the race. You win the race by building a great business focused on applications. But today, every company in industry is becoming an app company. To increase your competitiveness, you need to be able to rapidly develop and prototype newRead More

ZeroStack’s Cloud 55

Are you having trouble keeping up with all the buzz in the cloud infrastructure space? Follow these thought leaders on Twitter to stay on top of breaking news with various blogs and gripping articles. See the list of thought leaders below or subscribe to ZeroStack’s Cloud 55 group on Twitter. @MitchWagner @TManSpeaks @ArchitectCloud @cloud4computing @AWScloud @HPE_Cloud @AccentureCloud @Cloud_SDN @CloudBlogs @CloudproRead More

Micro Clouds: The Future of Cloud Computing

Data centers are the main engine behind today’s digital economy. More and more companies are looking to increase their differentiation by enhancing their offerings using more digital technologies. For example, many e-commerce sites offer recommendations and bundles to customers, when they buy a product. Similarly stores offer instant rebates on items that are on theRead More

The One Thing Every Computer Science Major Should Know

In college we learn a lot of areas related to computing including programming, compilers, architecture, networking, storage and operating system concepts. After graduation, one gets a job in industry and starts working on real world application development. Previously, it used to largely consist of a code repository, coding guidelines, build and test system maintained byRead More

Third way for your cloud: AWS-like agile experience backed by “private” cloud infrastructure.

Every organization wants to make IT more agile and responsive—it’s about AWS-like consumption: on-demand and easy to use. The first way, i.e., using public clouds can help with agility and elasticity. Public clouds also have drawbacks: the most obvious drawback is the that the cost becomes high if you are running a substantial number ofRead More

Raising The Bar for Private Clouds

Today we announced the General Availability of the ZeroStack Cloud Platform. As the founding product manager shepherding the product from a slide deck to a full fledged cloud platform that customers are actually using is something I am very fortunate to have experienced. ZeroStack is designed to be a cloud platform that goes a stepRead More

Building a Scalable and Resilient Zero Touch Private Cloud

Organizations are embracing the cloud infrastructure model at an accelerating pace. Achieving this goal requires a massive effort from IT organizations already hard pressed to support the enterprise. When we started ZeroStack, our goal was to build a platform that uses software to achieve the economies of scale for managing infrastructure that public cloud providersRead More

ZeroStack Cloud Platform: From Vision to Reality

We started ZeroStack two years ago with a simple vision to help companies transition to a cloud-based IT model. What struck us was how much the conversation revolved around the cloud and its potential but the reality in the market was far from the promise. In many cases, the IT teams didn’t even have clarityRead More