Private Cloud for the Digital Attacker: Busting the Triangle of Traditional Risk, Cost, and Quality

It is the same story in any industry: startups are leveraging innovative technologies to outcompete long-term incumbents. These “digital attackers” deliver a new level of customer value by looking at an often long-existing problem from a different angle. Interestingly, we find digital attackers in every industry, from traditional (e.g., consumer banking, insurance, retail) to newerRead More

Mapping Out The Journey To The Self Driving Cloud

ZeroStack outlines the five stages of self- driving clouds and a roadmap to get there A few years ago, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) outlined the five stages of self-driving vehicles (  In actuality, there are six levels but the zero level is no automation, so we will ignore that. The idea behind theRead More

Digital Transformation Will Require Intelligent Cloud Platforms

Digital transformation will be the mantra for IT initiatives in 2018, and the underlying technology will be agile software development. IT organizations are at a crossroads: they can either work to become more agile and innovative, or business unit managers will decide to expand their use of public cloud providers, and hence reduce the roleRead More

What Developers Want, and How to Give It to Them

Software is at the core of every modern business, and software-driven companies are disrupting most traditional industries. As the demand for rapid delivery in digital services grows, companies are looking for ways to release products and upgrades in weeks instead of months, or in days instead of weeks. Many DevOps groups are adopting the continuous integration/continuousRead More

Keys To Agile Software Development

Overcome the obstacles. Organizations want to move to a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) model in software development and the cloud can help, but there are key obstacles standing in the way. For example, in many software companies, the IT operations (IT Ops) team has a lengthy procurement and provisioning cycle, and developers may have toRead More

Why Go for Cloud?

Programming languages give software developers abstraction from machine code, and at the same time, they restrict them from so-called “bad coding.” Although these restrictions make the code more readable and less error-prone, they may lower the power of the language. Therefore, developers may choose different languages based on the kind of problem they want toRead More

ZeroStack private cloud management wins Innovation Award

This article was recently published by Chuck Moozakis in TechTarget. Deploying a private cloud isn’t for the meek. Learn why ZeroStack received a Network Innovation Award for its private cloud management software. This month’s Network Innovation Award goes to ZeroStack and its Z-Block private cloud management software. The software gives enterprises all the tools theyRead More