Feeling overwhelmed with cloud choices?

Image courtesy Business Cloud News circa 2013 It is a given that public cloud is here to stay. People love that they don’t have to deal with infrastructure and operations. It is also a given that most of the workloads are on-premises right now, and many organizations want an on-premises cloud to run them. However,Read More

I’m busy, come back in a week!

Whether you are a parent, or just remember being a kid, you’ve heard this at some point. Even in these days of collaboration and teamwork, in a moment within a busy day, it is feasible to hear this at work. In information technology, a theme we are all hearing is this concept of agility. MakeRead More


You might say, isn’t that an obvious question for 2016 and almost 2017? I thought it was six months ago when I was immersed in software-defined networking (SDN) and white box switches, but now that I am immersed in cloud here at ZeroStack, I can say it is a great question and many people stillRead More

Analysis of VMware and AWS Deal: Who Really Wins?

Last week we heard about VMware on AWS offering coming next year [1]. VMware is providing their software stack on baremetal servers in AWS. What does VMware and its customers get out of the deal? Short answer: Proximity to AWS and its cloud services! vCloud Air already provides a VMware based cloud in datacenters setRead More

Cloud Managed Datacenter: The Path to Cloud Based IT

Over the last two decades, we have seen three major shifts in the IT and application development industry: infrastructure, application delivery, and application development.  I’ll look at these three trains that are colliding now and make a case for why we need cloud managed datacenters today and why it is the only way private cloudsRead More

Cloud Managed Datacenter: The Next Disruption in IT

Going beyond SDDC and Hyper-convergence! Enterprise IT has been going through a lot of changes over the last decade given the shift of IT from virtualized environments to a private or public cloud, containers, new orchestration layers, new application description formats and the conversion of appliance-based service delivery to virtual appliances running on your infrastructure.Read More

Virtual Machine High Availability

High availability of virtual machines (VM) is a critical requirement for enterprises for running their key workloads. OpenStack-based cloud environments are geared towards horizontally scaled, resilient, cloud-native applications. These applications are built with an assumption that application instances may go down, and therefore have additional logic to deal with such failures. But for important legacyRead More

Rather than “death to software,” death to complexity through software!

These days we expect content and services anywhere at anytime on any device, and therefore IT organizations need to deliver them — emails, video, texts, tweets, music, games… all to your devices — smartphone, tablet, car, now refrigerators, shoot, and once in awhile even to your good old PC or laptop. We want choice basedRead More

What is your Cloud Strategy?

You are a CIO, a VP of Operations, or an IT manager. You could also be an Infrastructure Architect. You have been purchasing or using VMware products since it emerged in the early 2000s. You have lived and thrived through GSX, ESX, ESXi and beyond. You may also be the rarer breed that decided toRead More

How to Supercharge Your Application Deployment Model on Your Private Cloud

As an enterprise, deploying and maintaining your own cloud platform is not how you win the race. You win the race by building a great business focused on applications. But today, every company in industry is becoming an app company. To increase your competitiveness, you need to be able to rapidly develop and prototype newRead More