Why DevOps Best Practices Won’t Work With “Old” Infrastructure

I don’t mean “old infrastructure” in terms of “how aged is it in years”, but “how it is holding you back in achieving faster software delivery”. “Old Infrastructure” doesn’t meet the needs of your developers Imagine this scenario: You are a company building modern software which is a key driver of your business.  To support this, you haveRead More

Building Bridges between Application Developers and IT through Cloud

Building a development cloud is no small task. Developers are the backbone of many businesses, and meeting their needs while also adhering to IT best practices requires strong management processes. Looking at the needs of both teams will ensure the business achieves its objectives, but first one must cut through the hype of private cloud,Read More

The rise of Self-Driving Private Cloud: Powered by Artificial Intelligence

My December LinkedIn blog “Private Cloud is Dead” sparked a lively debate. I got 9271 views, 584 likes, 116 comments, and 137 shares. Many agreed with my core message: private cloud vendor solutions failed to deliver because they didn’t address the real pain points of customers. What most customers actually wanted were SLA-backed private cloudRead More

Use a Self-Driving Cloud Instead of Having Your Cloud Vendor Driving You

I came across this blog from IBM’s Cloud Architecture Center – “Reference architectures can speed your route to cloud” – which describes a tool to help you get started on your cloud journey with IBM. Think of it as a way to parse which parts of IBM’s portfolio are best suited to meet your needs.Read More

Self-driving Clouds: From Vision to Reality

Imagine you are in New York for some customer meetings and meet your brother as well for a quick catchup. Your brother just bought a Tesla last year and decided to drop you off at the airport, so as to give you both more time to chat. During the drive he put the car on AutoPilot,Read More

Private Cloud For Sub 250-Server Environments

Midsized enterprises are the growth engines of the economy. They represent one percent of all US companies while generating nearly 30 percent of corporate revenue. To compete against larger rivals, midsize enterprises have to rely on faster speed of execution, greater pricing flexibility and deeper customer relationships. IT organizations in these enterprises face unique challenges.Read More

Hybrid Cloud For Enterprises: Why, What, and How

There is a lot of talk about hybrid cloud these days, but the most important thing is to understand why customers need it in the first place. A close second is to know the various challenges in building a hybrid cloud solution. Why Hybrid Cloud A hybrid cloud is a cloud environment where an enterpriseRead More

How to Cut Your Public Cloud Cost by 50 Percent

Cloud has become the new platform for enterprises to build, test and run their applications. Public clouds like AWS have been a preferred choice for a lot of companies due to a wide variety of instance size options, storage options, and services. Any team within mid to large enterprises that is looking to quickly buildRead More

Never Build a Cloud: Buy, Rent or AirBnB It

I have been working with virtualization and cloud for almost a decade now. I spent more than half of it at VMware working on virtualization, hypervisor and datacenter management. The last few years, I have been busy at ZeroStack, building a unique cloud solution for application development teams. In the process, I have talked toRead More

Feeling overwhelmed with cloud choices?

Image courtesy Business Cloud News circa 2013 It is a given that public cloud is here to stay. People love that they don’t have to deal with infrastructure and operations. It is also a given that most of the workloads are on-premises right now, and many organizations want an on-premises cloud to run them. However,Read More