A Self-Driving Cloud Platform for OpenShift

Red Hat’s OpenShift® Container Platform is a great solution for deploying Linux containers and Kubernetes, but many organizations with diverse servers, storage and networking products face challenges implementing OpenShift. IT teams face challenges every step of the way, from deployment and setup to configuration, maintenance and upgrades, and those challenges increase organizational costs and sapRead More

Six Kubernetes Pain Points and How to Solve Them

Companies want to implement modern enterprise applications that can be used anytime, anywhere by always-connected users who demand instant access and continuously improved services. Developing and deploying such applications requires development teams to move fast and deploy software efficiently, while IT teams have to keep pace and also learn to operate at large scale. ContainersRead More

Digital Transformation Will Require Intelligent Cloud Platforms

Digital transformation will be the mantra for IT initiatives in 2018, and the underlying technology will be agile software development. IT organizations are at a crossroads: they can either work to become more agile and innovative, or business unit managers will decide to expand their use of public cloud providers, and hence reduce the roleRead More

What Developers Want, and How to Give It to Them

Software is at the core of every modern business, and software-driven companies are disrupting most traditional industries. As the demand for rapid delivery in digital services grows, companies are looking for ways to release products and upgrades in weeks instead of months, or in days instead of weeks. Many DevOps groups are adopting the continuous integration/continuousRead More

Keys To Agile Software Development

Overcome the obstacles. Organizations want to move to a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) model in software development and the cloud can help, but there are key obstacles standing in the way. For example, in many software companies, the IT operations (IT Ops) team has a lengthy procurement and provisioning cycle, and developers may have toRead More

ZeroStack’s answer to cloud security and high availability

ZeroStack has many enterprise-grade security and high availability (HA) features that have been designed into the product from the ground up. In this blog post, we will cover how ZeroStack addresses a few of these features. First a quick overview of the ZeroStack components ZeroStack Cloud Operating System (Z-COS) ZeroStack cloud operating system, called Z-COS,Read More

Managing Complexity In Dev/Test Infrastructure Using Machine Learning

Businesses are increasingly developing software solutions that can drive innovation and digital transformation. As the number of developers increases in the organization, the ratio of developers to IT also increases over time. The net result: more dynamic and complex dev/test infrastructure requirements and slower support from IT. Developers and testers often cannot get their handsRead More

DevOps Need A New Cloud Solution For Best Practices

I don’t mean “old infrastructure” in terms of “how aged is it in years”, but “how it is holding you back in achieving faster software delivery”. “Old Infrastructure” doesn’t meet the needs of your developers Imagine this scenario: You are a company building modern software which is a key driver of your business. To support this, you haveRead More