AWS Outposts, GKE On-Prem, ZeroStack: The Era of Cloud Managed Infrastructure

  The lonely outpost of Mt. Fremont lookout in Mt. Rainier National Park: Source Wikipedia Before public clouds, enterprise infrastructure was all about running highly reliable, high performance, somewhat expensive infrastructure in your own datacenter. In last decade, with the growth and adoption of public clouds, everyone thought that on-premise infrastructure companies will be deadRead More

The Next Multi-Billion-Dollar Market For Service Providers – Part 2

In a previous blog post, I talked about what is a potential multi-billion dollar market for MSPs given the shift in infrastructure and applications from traditional silos to cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-native applications. In this post, I will present a new private cloud architecture that allows you to build multi-million-dollar cloud businesses without learning howRead More

Software is Eating the World, and DevOps Needs a New Infrastructure to Keep Up

Every Fortune 1000 company should expect to face Uber-like competition in the next decade. These digital disruptors are software companies; they are basing their business models on software platforms, and development of these software platforms is much more agile than in the past. To compete effectively, every company must essentially become a software company, andRead More

Q & A: Perspectives on AI in the data center, by Ajay Gulati

How can AI be used to automate and streamline data centers? AI can be used to predict and automate several challenging tasks in a datacenter, such as: Finding anomalies in the behavior of devices and monitoring stats. For example, AI can be used to indicate a security breach by figuring out the typical rate ofRead More

ZeroStack private cloud management wins Innovation Award

This article was recently published by Chuck Moozakis in TechTarget. Deploying a private cloud isn’t for the meek. Learn why ZeroStack received a Network Innovation Award for its private cloud management software. This month’s Network Innovation Award goes to ZeroStack and its Z-Block private cloud management software. The software gives enterprises all the tools theyRead More

ZeroStack Low Level Architecture and Key Features For Admins

ZeroStack Company Overview Cloud computing technology is becoming so advanced that managing all the resources as part of the infrastructure is getting harder with a traditional IT model. Existing solutions are harder to manage both in terms of cost and complexity. Soon, data center operations will use artificial intelligence (AI) so advanced that it can monitorRead More